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Smooth: Transform your home into a cozy sanctuary with our smooth faux wood beams, adding warmth and natural beauty to any room. Our high-quality craftsmanship ensures a timeless look that will elevate your interior design for years to come.


8ft x 4" x 6", 8ft x 6"x8", 8ft x 8"x10", 8ft x10"x12", 10ft x 4" x 6", 10ft x 6"x8", 10ft x 8"x10", 10ft x10"x12", 12ft x 4" x 6", 12ft x 6"x8", 12ft x 8"x10", 12ft x10"x12", 14ft x 4" x 6", 14ft x 6"x8", 14ft x 8"x10", 14ft x10"x12", 16ft x 4" x 6", 16ft x 6"x8", 16ft x 8"x10", 16ft x10"x12", 18ft x 4" x 6", 18ft x 6"x8", 18ft x 8"x10", 18ft x10"x12", 20ft x 4" x 6", 20ft x 6"x8", 20ft x 8"x10", 20ft x10"x12", 22ft x 4" x 6", 22ft x 6"x8", 22ft x 8"x10", 22ft x10"x12", 24ft x 4" x 6", 24ft x 6"x8", 24ft x 8"x10", 24ft x10"x12