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Decorative Beams and Architectural Products

Foamtec manufactures decorative architectural shapes from high density polyurethane foam.

By using state of the art molding techniques, Foamtec has developed a product with amazing detail and has the ability to reproduce the look of cast concrete, rough sawn and fine crafted wood finishes. With the use of Foamtec products you will get a durable, lightweight, inexpensive and low maintenance product which is resistant to all weather conditions including mold, mildew and any other fungal attacks.

Foamtec's product will not warp, crack, twist or split and stands up to UV degradation. All Foamtec products are sealed with a primer coat which is inpregnated into the exterior surface. Foamtec product can be finished with any good quality latex or oil base paint or stain before of after installation.

No special materials or techniques are required in performing routine maintenance on Foamtec products.

Foamtec's Selection and Quality

Our products include, faux beams, shutters, corbels, truss tails, mouldings, etc...We are a custom shop dedicated to manufacturing the exact product spec you need.

made in the usa Manufacturer of polyurethane products. We are a custom shop building parts to meet the special demands of your project. Our products look and feel like wood or concrete but at a fraction of the weight. Foamtec product will not wrap, twist, crack or rot and will stand up to any weather condition. No need to cut down trees anymore as Foamtec goes green with its buidling products.

Foamtec Digital Mock Ups
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